Creep City Ninja Bubble Tea

Welcome to Ninja Bubble Tea, Brooklyn’s most deliciously unique blend of the finest flavored Bubble Teas and fusion BANH MI sandwiches ever to be created for you.

Enjoy our Exclusive freshly made drinks

Ninja Bubble tea’s

Ninja Blast

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Choice of (Mocha, Caramel and Vanilla)

Flavored Teas

f-ninja bubble tea small-61

(Lychee, Orange passion guava, Mango madness for starters)

Milk Tea

    c-ninja bubble tea small-27

(Thai Ice tea, Almond, Coconut, Royal Assassin, Red Bean etc)


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Snow & Slush

(Strawberry banana, Matcha, Peach, Raspberry etc)

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Specialty Iced Coffee with Boba toppings.

Choice of toppings. Coffee Bits, Coconut Lychee, Red beans, Mixed tropical fruits and Aloe.

We carry various snacks

“New York Vietnamese style” BANH MI Sandwiches are available for lunch.

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Check out our…

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