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Soomee enjoys Shen Yun performance

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Washington 2015 Jan 10 (Reuters)(The Epoch USA, New York correspondent station reported) American charm packed on opening night in New York at Lincoln Center’s American troupe on January 9, the audience called it visual enjoyment, watching Shen Yun you feel the warmth from the heart.
Korean-owned stores Ninja Bubble Tea(NBT) in Brooklyn; one of the Owners Soomee Suh said: “The show is so beautiful, very elegant and noble. This is my first experience with such a beautiful Chinese dance, see, hear, experience everything so beautiful, let me by cultural education, admire.”
Soomee Suh was from Shen Yun performance really understanding the Chinese traditional culture.
“Read the charm of traditional Chinese culture and to think there are a lot of places do not understand. To see the Buddha was very good. The show presented the Buddha, so I feel very warm heart, I feel humble. We are from China Asian culture. The performance had of a lot of history, to see living in the eyes, really beautiful.” Soomee Suh said.
Live music and soprano singing ensemble also made her wonder, she said: “It was Musical beauty to see two amazing sopranos singing, I was completely shocked.” “Unfortunately, yes, but also fortunately, the show brought us to reality, after seeing the good catastrophe will follow the birth, I felt the message of compassion, I felt it so deeply.”
Like many other viewers, Soomee Suh said Come Again. “(Performance)It is visual enjoyment, you will like to bring your family and friends come to experience this, really!”