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Est 2013

Hi my name is Ninja Soomee. I am the owner of Ninja Bubble Tea. Welcome!

Ninja Bubble Tea started off as the first sit down eatery in Industry City. We arrived right behind Colson and Blue Marble. Upon our first impression of this enormous empty building, it was like finding a diamond in the rough. There was nothing but really long hallways with tall pillars but it was love at first sight. To come here at the time we did you needed to see beyond the darkness, debris, huge broken stones and just envision the wonderful potential. This was perfect for a first business and we are so grateful Industry City embraced us like a young sibling and grew with us. Grow we did, extremely rapidly. If you come see what Industry City looked like then and now. The transformation is amazing!

Ninja Bubble Tea is our first store located here in Sunset Park, Brooklyn New York. We cater to our guests and treat them like (family) that’s the Brooklyn way!

We create unique bubble tea beverages including a first of its kind “Organic” bubble tea which is all natural, includes (Passion Fruit, Lemon, Guava, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry to name a few)

We also have an array of delicious milk and flavored bubble tea, slush and smoothies. Fresh and refreshing twists like our ninja green turtle, includes (Apple, Banana, Spinach, Honey, Green Tea and our secret extra delicious recipe don’t worry it’s all natural)

But we aren’t just known for our drinks we are also know for your fusion Banh Mi sandwiches. Yes, traditional toppings that make a Banh Mi such as Pickled Carrots, Fresh Sliced Cucumbers, Cilantro but how about combining that with a Tuna Melt, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Shrimp and of course our famous Classic Chicken. We are Vegetarian friendly!

Come visit us. I would love to share more about how we came about and how we continue to grow. We want to thank all our guests and our awesome staff that makes this place such an amazing atmosphere. Call us old fashion but customer service is our number one motto. It’s a oldie but a goodie. Cheers!